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Grabadora voz digital 2GB SONY BX312-SD Visualizza ingrandito

Digital voice recorder 2GB SONY BX312-SD


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Digital voice recorder SONY ICD-312 -SD with memory card, MP3 recording, easy use, and very usefull for your business activity.

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65,64 € tasse incl.


Digital Voice Recorder 2 GB memory card slot. SONY BX312-SD

Add more memory and use advanced features for managing the recordings.
Mp3 recording at 192 kbps high quality, 2 GB, speaker output of 300 mW, memory card slot.

The user interface supports multiple languages
Settings optimized for different environments
Add a memory card to store more.

Recording / playback mp3 - Capture high-quality audio with crystal clarity and listen through the speaker front of 300 mW
Recording time - Built-in memory with a maximum recording time of 536 hours in LP mode (8 kbps mp3)
Scene Select - Select the type of recording you want to capture (music, meeting, interview, dictation) for an optimized configuration
Intelligent Noise Reduction - enhances the human voice for the audio range is clearer and reduces distracting background noise
Track mark - Add different markers to each recording and navigate between them during playback
LCD display - Easily manage your recordings with the backlit LCD dot matrix
Advanced Recording - Voice activation with microphone sensitivity high or low, and folders for storing and organizing recordings
Supports multiple languages ??- Activation for menus, messages and folder names (EN / DE / FR / ES / IT / UK)
Supplied Accessories - Includes USB cable and Sound Organiser for PC / Mac ®, battery.?