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SAVC001 Splitter RNIS, ADSL2+ VDSL2 COMBI ISDN 2B1Q-135 / 600


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ADSL2+ & VDSL2 Splitter COMBI for ISDN 2B1Q-135Ω lines and POTS 600Ω and also compatible for ZC1- 270Ω+(750Ω//150nF). Used in most of European Countries like Spain, Italy, France,Portugal, etc..Ω

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Especificación TécnicaEntre 0 Hz - 80KHz.
Impedancia de referencia -600 ohms - 2B1Q / 135 - ISDN
Atenuación Banda VDSL2 entre (150KHz - 12MHz) -65dB min.
Atenuación Banda VDSL2 entre ( 12MHz - 30MHz ) -55dB min.
Pérdidas inserción VDSL2 entre ( 120KHz - 170KHz ) -inferior a 3dB
C.B. Condensador bloqueo27nF
Pérdidas inserción en B.P. (1KHz - 40KHz ) -inferior a 0,8dB
Pérdidas inserción en B.P. (40KHz - 80KHz ) -inferior a 2dB
Pérdidas inserción VDSL2 entre ( 170KHz - 30MHz ) -inferior a 1dB
Pérdidas de retorno en B.P. entre ( 1KHz - 40KHz ) -inferior a 0,8dB
Pérdidas retorno en B.P. entre ( 40KHz - 80KHz ) -14dB min.

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ADSL2+ & VDSL2 Splitter for digital ISDN lines 2B1Q-135Ω in POTS 600Ω and also compatible with complex impedance  ZC1- 270Ω+(750?//150nF) types.

It allows to have two independent lines, digital voice and data, therefore all the digital ISDN equipments can be used at the same time of the ADSL & vdsl2 services.

This is the only solution for ISDN lines for add high speed ADSL services.

SAVC001 - To be used in countries with 2B1Q- 135Ω  ISDN system and line impedance of 600Ω and also compatible for ZC1 complex impedance, used in most of the European Countries.

COUNTRIES - Spain, Italy, France, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Rep. Denmark, Finland, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Luxembourg, Poland, Portugal, Russia, South Africa, Sweeden, Switzerland, United Kingdom.

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