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SAP001 Splitter ADSL2+ POTS 4KHz


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ADSL splitter for POTS (Plain Old Telephone Services) of 600 impedance and without Billing tone. Used in Spain, USA, Russian Federation, Japan, South America and other European countries.


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Especificación TécnicaSpliiter POTS Zr 600 ohms Banda paso voz 4KHz.
Insertion loss in P.B. for 1KHz -inferior a 1dB
Distorsión pérdidas inserción ( B.P. ) -max. 0,5 dB
Pérdidas retorno en B.P. entre ( 0,3KHz -0,5KHz ) -14dB min.
Pérdidas retorno en B.P. entre ( 0,5KHz -2KHz ) -18dB min.
Pérdidas retorno en B.P. entre ( 2KHz -3,4KHz ) -14dB min.
Atenuación Banda ADSL entre (30KHz - 300KHz) -65dB min.
Atenuación Banda ADSL entre (300KHz - 2,2MHz) -55dB min.
Pérdidas inserción ADSL entre ( 32KHz -50KHz ) -inferior a 3dB
Pérdidas inserción ADSL entre ( 50KHz -2,2MHz ) -inferior a 1dB
Impedancia de referencia -600 ohms

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Splitter for ADSL2+ for POTS lines Zr 600Ω impedance and without Billing tone.

It allows to have in the subscriber’s house two independent lines, voice and data, therefore all the analogical equipment can be used at the same time (telephones, fax, alarms, etc.), without the use of a microfilter for every equipment and without affecting the actual installation.

SAP001 - Using a splitter in your internal telephone network, you improve the router sincronization, and you have an extra protection for overvoltages in the line, 2 PTC serie in each wire and one tiristor with double polarity between both wire lines.

Easy installation - You can install in two systems, with RJ11 connectors or direct cables, because the connections are jumped ( LINE - PONE - DATA ),  we recomended to use the direct cables solution, explained in the data sheet and in the instructions in the box.

Countries - All countries with lines of 600? impedance without Billing Tone. Make attention because in some countries can exist diferent companies and one of them can use billing tone signal and in this case you need to use the SAP020 (band pass voice 16KHz ) or SAVP020 for VDSL2.

Used in countries like : Spain, Armenia, Bielarous, Ukraine, Russian Federation, USA, Brasil, Venezuela, Costa Rica, Uruguay, Perú.



 N'oubliez pas que vous pouvez également utiliser le SAP020 pour  ADSL2+




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