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IB80-12M inversor 80W 12V - 230V Agrandir l'image

IB80-12M inversor 80W 12V - 230V


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DC-AC 80W Power battery inverter 12V dc - 230V ac Modified sine wave type, with USB output.

For use your electronic devices with your battery car and charge any equipment with USB plug.

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IB80-12M, DC-AC  Power inverter 80 Watt Modifed Sine wave with USB output plug.
Out put waveform: Modified sine wave inverter
Continuous power: 80watt - Max. 100W
Surge power: 160Watt
Input volt: 12V DC
Output volt: 230 V AC
Frequency: 50Hz
Dimension (L*W*H): 127*68*18
Net Weight: 0.28 KG

!! IMPORTANT!!  Don't use with inductive loads with capacitors like Microwave ovens, fluorecent lights, and other similar equipments. For these types moust be used the pure sine wave inverters.