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Promo ! Alimentador Notebook coche 12Vcc - Salida ajustable + USB Agrandir l'image

Alimentation Notebook auto 12Vcc - Multi-Sortie + USB

Alim. DC-DC 72W - 12Vdc USB

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Universal Notebook 72W DC/DC Converter  with 12V car plug and Air Plug included and 9 Connectors for all brands of Laptops.

With USB output 5V-1A 

Adjustable Output: 15V-16V-18V-19V-20V-22V-24V

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Tension d'entrée Vcc :12Vcc
Salida USB :5V - 1A
Puissance maximale :72W
Tension sortie Vcc :15V - 16V - 18V - 19V - 20V - 22V - 24V
Max. courant sortie Icc :3A - ( 19V -20V -22V -24V ) / 4A ( 15V -16V -18V )

En savoir plus

Notebook 72W DC / DC Converter for car and plane, ideal for carrying in the car always, the best performance the converter due of its minimal conversion losses from 12Vdc continuous voltage to 15V and 24V.

Input voltage: 12Vdc - Maximum Power: 72W

Voltages and Currents

- For 15V-16V-18V-19V (4A)

- For 20V-22V-24V (3A)

- USB: 5V (1A)


- Short circuit protection.

- Input LOW voltage protection (Battery Low), automatic recovery.

- Over temperature protection.

- Over-current protection.

- LED indicator operation and also for breakdown.

Available connections:

Input: Car Adapter + Air plug standar connector.


- 9 Connectors for the major brands of Notebooks.

- USB 5V-1A

Its small size and weight means it can go anywhere in the car.

10cm x 4.6 cm x 3 cm - Weight 350gr.