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Terms & use conditions

Our general conditions of sale are according current legislation and regulate the relationship between the sales contactual customer who buys in our shop on-line and the company Enerdom S.L.  owner of the on-line store


Company: Enerdom Sup. & Serv. N. Tecnolog. S.L.

Adress: c. Salvador Espriu 13 - 08512 - Sant Hipolit of Voltrega, BARCELONA - SPAIN

CIF - B64840895

email - Contact:


Products sold in our online store have the information necessary for the customer to decide to purchase and the price reflected includes applicable taxes (VAT 21%), final shipping costs are calculated in the checkout process once  we know its exact location.

Payment of purchase

You can pay your purchase by bank transfer or PayPal.

1 - Bank transfer: The bank account number will appear at the end of the shopping process. Remember to indicate the number of bills in the transfer and that the amount should correspond exactly to the above, if there is any expense or bank management fee is charged to the buyer.

2 - Pay Pal: (A) If you have a PayPal account you can use the shortcut from the icon "Pay with PayPal" so that their data will be used in your PayPal purchase both pair your invoice as shipping address to avoid having to write them.

(B) If you don't have PayPal account can also use this payment method following the instructions in the process, being able to use your credit card VISA, MASTERCARD or other Accepted.

For companies in the European Community, must submit their VAT ID information to verify your registration in the file INTRASTAT. (For any questions please contact our sales department:

Distributors, Wholesalers, shops or on-line stores, please contact :

Documentation and Billing:

You will receive with the product inside the packing slip or invoice for the products supplied. The invoice for your purchase is available in pdf format in the space of your account created when ordering and can print it if you wish. (If we avoid printing documents together improve the environment)

check your purchase information, returns etc, or receive promotional discount codes
that customers  registered recive regulary this information is stored in "My Account"


In this area of our store register created and managed with its own user password, you have all the information of your purchase and all I can do in the future, is very usefull and lets you know the status of Order anywhere.

It also has all the information regarding discount coupons may have about our promotions as well as credits notes for cancellation of orders or returns.

My Orders -

In this space you can find all information of your last order and also of the old purchases, invoices etc..

My Credit notes -

Here you can find the credit notes due a returns or orders cancelled if you decide to use in a new purchase instead of money back return.

My personal information / My addresses

Here you can manage all of your personal user information and delivery addresses, you can have more than one delivery and billing addresses.


My Vouchers -

Here you can find all type of personal discount vouchers that we give to our customers and you can use it in your next purchase.  You can have a voucher gift for the following reasons : gift for joint our referral program, special offer in oulet products, or season offers, or personally voucher for one special purchase.

Products in Specials  with discount, can't accumulate other promotional discounts.

Referral  Program -

If you are customer that already purchased one time in our ED-Sore we would like to propose you for joing our referral program for help us in recomended our products and solutions to your friends and grow the Enerdom network friends.

You and your friends will receive a voucher discount for next purchases.

Very easy, see how to, in the referrall program section in My account