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Block filter LTE 4G FT800

FT800 - LTE 4G

New product

Block filter for interferences of the LTE band - 4G caused by your mobile or tablet on your TV.

It blocks signals between 820MHz and 2200MHz avoiding noise and interference when the phone works near the TV whether it's 4G and 3G bands 800MHz - 900MHz - 1800MHz - 2100MHz.

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LTE FT800 The new filter is designed to remove noise and interference generated by the operation of mobile phone near to TV's spaces.

The frequency band filtered (blocked) between 820 MHz and 2200MHz, which is in widespread use mobile: 800MHz - 900MHz - 1800MHz - 2100MHz.

In the case of 4G - LTE mobile operating between 832MHz and 862MHz in UP-link (downstream) which is when to use your mobile or smartphone near the TV noise heard on TV and even pixilation of the image on screen. This problem is most noticeable in mobile 4G because they use low frequencies and TV are more sensitive to grasp, but also interferes with the 3G.

The filter should be placed  near to the antenna input on the TV, see information direct installation or with additional cable.

It is especially recommended to use the filter in public places where different phones are working, and at home if you interact with your mobile near the TV.

For the band 4G-DOWN-link (Download  data) which is the signal that sends antenna mobile service, the filter should be placed in outdoor TV antenna input, before the amplifier and must be done by a professional installer Telecommunications, especially in community facilities.

Pass-band 0.3 - 790MHz

Stop-band: 822 - 2200MHz