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Led Torches

Led torches in diferent sizes, rechargeable in the car for all activities.

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  • 20,87 € In Stock

    Front Led Flashlight DCU L02, with two light intensities, Zoom, flashing mode, ideal for hands free work, high power brightness and adjust the light spot by adjustable tilt mechanism.

    20,87 €
    In Stock
  • 17,94 € Inmediate delivery

    Rechargeable LED Flashlight in lighter cigarrete car plug, always available for emergency, luminosity autonomy over 3 hours, max distance 20m. IP65 waterproof, lightweight, soft light blue car ambient during the loading process. A good gift,  to purchase, you will save the shipping costs. ! Innovative products and necesary in your car!

    17,94 €
    Inmediate delivery
  • 16,87 € Inmediate delivery

    Flashlight led DCU L01 Titanium, with hermetic plastic box. Torche 3W led with long distance Zoom and flashing function. Very usefull for boats and cars.

    16,87 €
    Inmediate delivery
Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items