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Led lighting
Led lights equivalent for all old types GU10, MR16, E27, Fluorescent tubes and led strip.

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  • E27 - 230V
    Complete range of Led lamp Bulb E27 for diferent power light in White warm or cold.
  • GU10 - 230V
    GU10 LED Spotlight Lamps for 230Vac, halogen replacement for getting a huge energy savings due to their long life and reliability. ! RENEW YOUR HALOGEN SEE IT CLEAR! and save energy and maintenance.
  • MR16 - 12V
    MR16 led light for diferent power and warm and cold light types.
  • E14 - 230V
    Different types of bulbs E14 LED light for warm or cold white. LED Lamps with E14 socket for 230V ball format, sailing and dichroic, different powers and angle illumination up to 180 º to directly replace the existing with large energy savings, durability and efficiency.
  • AR111 - 230V - 12V
    ! Innovation ! new lamps, reflectors AR111 GU10 - GU53 230V and - 12V with different angles 24 ° and 40 °. With SCOB CREE chip with 360 degree angle providing high quality light like classics halogens. Models in Warm White and Neutral only 15W consumption.